A small team with impressive cred

We’re growing fast and would love to meet you. Check out our open roles!

Excutive Leadership

Here is the team at the helm of the ship

member 1
Thomas Reece
member 1
Oscar Byrne
Co-Founder & Managing Director
member 1
David Evans
Development Manager
member 1
Jessica Smith
Customer Service Manager
member 1
Thomas Reece
Operations Manager
member 1
Karsten Winegeart
Regional Sales Manager
member 1
Alma Haven
Account Manager
member 1
Christian Buehner
Customer Experience
member 1
Harry Wilson
Design Director
member 1
Olivia Hope
Content Coordinator
member 1

Board members

We’re lucky to be supported by some of the best investors in the world

member 1
Julian Wan
Head of UX at Google
member 1
Austin Distel
Founder and CEO,
member 1
Harps Joseph
Former Agile Coach at
member 1
Kenzie Kraft
Former Design Partner
at GE
member 1
Fred Moon
Former CTO GoPro
member 1
Karen Smith
Founder and CTO,
member 1
Sinitta Leunen
Former CFO, Atlassian
member 1
Ben Parker
Former CTO Dropbox
member 1
Brooke Cagle
Former CTO Adobe


We hope you'll consider joining our rapidly growing team

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